IN OUR OWN WORDS - What is Project S.C.A.T.?
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By: Amanda
In my thoughts Project S.C.A.T. is a solution to solving our town's problem with Trinity. If you happen to not know what Trinity is, it is a Texas based company that polluted, got caught and left. Although Trinity found selling the plant a quick fix, it was not. Trinity was caught and fined. Although they were ordered to clean the ground, they got lucky. A company bought the land and scrapped the place. Trinity no longer owned the ground. Trinity took action by suing Commerce Park, and now two years later nothing is done.

By: Nick B
Hi! I'm Nick. I am going to tell you about our Project S.C.A.T. I bet you are wondering what S.C.A.T means. Project S.C.A.T means Stop Contamination at Trinity. We are trying to get Trinity to clean up the area. They used to make steel cars. Trinity used all kinds of chemicals like asbestos. Commerce Park bought Trinity. They did a demolition. During the demolition, Commerce Park released hazardous materials. So we are trying to get them to clean up all the hazardous materials. Well that's all I am going to tell you. Bye!

By: Dylan
Hi. I'm going to tell you about Project S.C.A.T. Project S.C.A.T. is a project about Trinity. Project S.C.A.T. means Stop Contamination at Trinity. Also project S.C.A.T. is a thing that Mrs. A's class is dong. Project S.C.A.T. is a thing where we are trying to make Trinity cleanup contaminated waste.

By: Michaela
Project S.C.A.T. is a project that our class is doing for Trinity. S.C.A.T means stop contamination at Trinity. Trinity is a place where they used to make railroad cars. The place has a lot of chemicals that can cause cancer. The project is for people to clean up the lot. We are trying to get to get people to get it done. That is project S.C.A.T.

By: Halie
Project S.C.A.T. is a project that we named but the name is to long. It is really called project stop contamination at Trinity. So we are trying to get people to clean Trinity up. We get information off the internet. We also drew posters for the website. That is what project S.C.A.T. is!!!
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By: Ashley
What is project S.C.A.T.? Project S.C.A.T. stands for Stop Contamination At Trinity. Our class is doing a project on Trinity. Trinity is a place that is filled with chemicals. Trinity used to be a train factory. Now Trinity has decayed and now they are tearing things down. It is a hazardous waste fill that people can get very sick from the chemicals. There are so many bad chemicals that can cause cancer. Trinity was sued for having hazardous chemicals on the property. They were sued by Commerce Park and Commerce Park said, they were nor aloud to go on Trinity. So if they're not aloud to go on the property how are they going to clean it up?

By: Colton
Hi I'm Colton and I am going to explain a little bit about Project S.C.A.T. S.C.A.T. stands for stop contamination at trinity. We are trying to speed up the process so they can clean it up faster. I hope they start cleaning soon, so we do not have to worry about it. I hope you understand more about project S.C.A.T. BYE!

By: Nick W.
When I heard of Project Lemonade, we started Project S.C.A.T which stands for stop contamination at Trinity. Trinity was a train car factory. Chemicals and oils from the machines went into the ground. Then Commerce Park bought the site from Trinity. They knocked the buildings down and asbestos went into the ground and now there's just a bunch of waste in the ground. Good Bye.
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By: Casey
Project S.C.A.T. is for Project Lemonade. We chose to do it on Trinity. We were supposed to pick something wrong in our town and then try to fix it. We named it Project S.C.A.T. Stop Contamination at Trinity. Trinity is a company that made train parts. Trinity sold the proper to Commerce Park. Their buildings had hazardous waste. When they knocked down the buildings, the waste was put in the ground. Trinity piled it with more dirt. They ran off to Texas thinking no one would notice. The noticed and went to court several times. They haven't started to clean it up. So we are trying to get them to clean it up.

By: Paige
What is Project S.C.A.T. you ask? Well first off, Project S.C.A.T. does not actually mean "scat." It means (or stands for) Stop Contamination at Trinity. Second, Trinity is a place near our school where they used to build trains. They also painted trains there. Inside the paint were chemicals that are very harmful. We are trying to get Trinity and Commerce Park to come to an agreement and clean it up. Third, Commerce Park bought Trinity. Trinity had to go to court because they put harmful chemicals in the ground. Trinity was told to clean it all up and dispose of the chemicals properly. Guess what else! Commerce Park won't allow Trinity to come on the land to check how dangerous the chemicals are. It may just be me, but I think that's a little childish. Trinity was trying to cooperate. Anyway, that was solved a few days ago. Lastly, you should know we are not the only ones who want this thing to be over with. There are a group of Greenvillers that also want this. We hope to talk to them and get their point of view. We also hope by the time we are done, this whole thing will be solved, and Trinity will get cleaned up. If you want more information, you can click on the link on the side for Project S.C.A.T. wikispace.
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By: Jessica
Project S.C.A.T. is a bunch of students trying to get people to clean up Trinity. We're trying to get people to clean up Trinity because it's killing things. Trinity has toxic stuff. Trinity (the company) is now in Texas, but Trinity the place is not a fun place to be. So that is what Project S.C.A.T. is.

By: Robb
Hi I am Robb. I am going to tell you about Project S.C.A.T. Project S.C.A.T. stands for Stop Contamination at Trinity. You are probably wondering what Is Trinity? Well, Trinity is a company that made steel train cars. Trinity sold the property to a park and now the park is knocking down buildings that were there when Trinity owned the property. What is wrong with knocking down the buildings is that there are cancer causing chemicals inside of them. When they knock down the building they are releasing the chemicals that were inside the buildings. Now Trinity is going to court with The park to see who will clean up the mess at the property.

Project S.C.A.T. [Stop Contamination At Trinity] is what our class is doing for Project Lemonade. Our school is right down the road from Trinity, an abandoned train factory that dumped hazardous wastes all over the land. They are in trouble with the law, but they are dragging their feet about cleaning it up. We are joining a group of people to convince th owners to clean it up. Go to our website, Then hit Project Trinity for more info.
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By: Nick H.
Project S.C.A.T. is the name for stop contamination at Trinity. What we do is research Trinity and hope they can clean it up faster. Some of the topics are chemicals, future of the site, history, and people. We can print or write information.

By: Devin
Project S.C.A.T is a project that was formed to help clean the wastes that were left from the Trinity site. The Cyber Chickens were the first to form project S.C.A.T. We formed it because of Alex's Lemonade Stand which was a project formed by Alex to help stop cancer by raising money. The main idea of all the projects some people are doing is to help raise money or awareness to help stop problems in their town. We hope you support project S.C.A.T!

By: Brant
Project S.C.A.T is the project that we are doing for Project Lemonade. It stands for Stop Contamination At Trinity. The goal is to get people to make Trinity and Commerce Park clean up all the chemicals at the North Plant. We are first going to research a couple of different subjects about Trinity. They are the court cases, the toxic wastes and chemicals they dumped, the history of North Park and the future of what could happen. Then we will make a plan to speed up the clean up at Trinity and put it into action.

By: Seth
Project S.C.A.T. (stop contamination at trinity) is our name for trinity to clean itself up, and to stop arguing. We are helping trinity clean up everything they did. We are getting as many people as possible to help us. We are also mad at Commerce Park for arguing with trinity. Thanks for paying attention to me.

By: Dakota
Project S.C.A.T. is to help trinity clean up the chemicals. S.C.A.T. means Stop Contamination At Trinity. We are talking about Trinity Industries for Project Lemonade.

By: Garrett
Project S.C.A.T is a slogan to stop contamination at trinity. Maybe the word can get out. Also, maybe they will stop putting these chemicals into the air. If they don't, these chemicals will drift into the air and make people sick! Well, I hope you learned something about project S.C.A.T.

By: Kristen
Project S.C.A.T is a really big project to help the local North Plant Trinity in Greenville Pennsylvania. The reason we're doing this is because of Project Lemonade to help Alex Scott reach her dream in having people all around the world pitch in and help their community. Trinity is a very hazardous waste dump who is in court with Commerce Park the new owners. S.C.A.T. stands for stop contamination at Trinity. For more information please go to external image IMG_2827.JPGthe Cyber Chicken website at and then go to our wikispaces until you find Trinity and then click on that.

By: Jing
Project S.C.A.T. is a project that Mrs. Abernethy's class did, because of "Project Lemonade." S.C.A.T. stands for "Stop Contamination At Trinity." Trinity is a big poisonous factory that has let out asbestos. We, Mrs. Abernethy's class, are trying to clean it up and help out the community, so it doesn't poison any more of the surroundings.

By: Taylor
Hi I'm Taylor and I'm going to explain to you what project S.C.A.T is. Project S.C.A.T is something to help the environment. There is a place called Trinity. It has cancer causing chemicals in the plant. The place we are researching is the North Plant. Also S.C.A.T stands for Stop Contamination at Trinity. Trinity is very dangerous and if you step on the property you have a chance of getting cancer. We are researching various things such as history, chemicals, and records. Thanks for reading about Trinity!!

By: Tony
Project S.C.A.T is a thing where Mrs. A's Cyber Chickens are trying to fix a place that is toxic and used to build steel cars. Now it is broken down and is very deadly and toxic. And we're going to try and make people fix it. Wish us luck Bye!!! Also S.C.A.T stands for stop contamination at Trinity.

Hi! I'm Ben. Project S.C.A.T stands for Stop-Contamination-At-Trinity. Trinity is a place that is contaminated with toxic waste. The chemicals that are there are asbestos and xylene. The asbestos was in the buildings and the xylene was in the paint for the railroad cars that were made there. The Cyber Chickens are trying to get Trinity cleaned up so it won't harm the community in the future.
Project S.C.A.T. is our problem for project Lemonade. What does Project S.C.A.T. stand for? I'm glad you asked. It stands for Stop Contamination At Trinity. Trinity is a place in Greenville Pennsylvania by our school that is very unhealthy. People used to work there and make railroad cars, but the company realeased chemicals and they are so bad for the community. So our class is trying to get them to clean it up. We're going to be reasearching and writing letters all through our project. We want our community clean.
Project S.C.A.T. is a very big project that we are trying to do with Trinity. S.C.A.T. stands for Stop Contamination At Trinity. What we are trying to do with Trinity is we are trying to get the workers to get a move on cleaning it up. Trinity has very many very terrible chemicals in it. The chemicals can cause stuff like cancer. Well that is what project S.C.A.T. is! Thank you for reading!

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